Packaging Supervisor

Short's Brewing Company

Elk Rapids, MI, USA

Full time

Oct 26

This job is no longer accepting applications.

Do you like to drink beer? Do you like to manage people? The Elk Rapids Production facility has an opening for a Production Supervisor in the Packaging Department! The Packaging Supervisor is an hourly, at-will employee under the supervision of the Production Floor Manager. The Packaging Supervisor should expect to work 40 hours per week, up to 10 hours per day if necessary, depending on the production schedule.

Pack Line Daily Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Packaging Line Setup
  • Come in prepared to work and understand the day's objective.
  • Prepare glass for filler run.
  • Recognize "low fills" and other improperly filled or labeled bottles.
  • Run label web, replace date coder stamp, and ribbon on the labeler.
  • Assist in preparing the bottle filler for the run.
  • Case box and 6-pack preparation.
  • Prepare keg washing/filling area.
  • Communicate with the cellarmen to ensure the beer is at temp and the correct carbonation level for packaging.
  • Communicate with the Filler Operator regarding the status of the bottling run – estimated start and finish times, temporary shutdowns, and batch changeovers.
  • Packaging Line Operation – Bottle Packaging:
  • Package at a Co2 level of 2.30 to 2.55 volumes.
  • Bottle interiors are rinsed completely with clean, sanitized water before filling.
  • Bottle exteriors rinsed after fill.
  • Ensure labels are applied correctly.
  • Reload label web on the labeler.
  • Ensure boxes are loaded, taped, and palletized correctly.
  • Ensure pallets are marked with the batch number, date and rotated accordingly.
  • Assist with filler crashes and breakdowns.
  • Ensure the product is at the correct fill height and is capped and labeled correctly. 
  • Draft Packaging:
  • Clean exterior of kegs manually with a brush, water, detergent, and rinsing
  • Clean the interior of kegs with a caustic cycle and rinsing.
  • Monitor valves and seals regularly – repair or replace if needed.
  • Pull spears quarterly to monitor stone build-up on a spear and the inside of the keg.
  • Perform acid cycles quarterly to keep kegs free of stone, and the stainless pacified.
  • Mark the kegs receiving quarterly acid wash and inspection with a correctly colored sticker.
  • Package at a Co2 level of 2.30 to 2.55 volumes.
  • Sanitize each keg valve exterior and coupler before filling.
  • Rinse kegs thoroughly after being filled, then cap.
  • Fit kegged beer with a keg ring denoting its style, batch number, volume, and package date.
  • Mark pallets with style, batch number, date, and rotate accordingly.
  • Store packaged beer in the warehouse and rotate accordingly.

Packaging Supervisor Additional Duties

  • The Packaging Supervisor will be responsible for developing and implementing processes, projects, and training efforts that drive continuous improvements in packaging operations. 
  • Work with the Floor Manager to ensure Packline Staff is covered for lunches in a timely and organized manner.
  • Work with the Floor Manager to ensure equal training and proficiency of all packline employees on every piece of equipment. 
  • Become familiar and proficient with the operation of, maintenance, and troubleshooting for every component of the packaging line.
  • Monitor safety in the workplace and report any issues immediately to HR and the Floor Manager, including filling out forklift incidents, near misses, and/or incident reports.
  • Work with the Floor Manager to develop and maintain chemical areas and storage and how they are used and implemented by staff.
  • Communicate with the Floor Manager and cellar staff regarding the status of products to be packaged, product lines, and cleaning loops.
  • Troubleshoot and make repairs to equipment to maintain production goals, in conjunction with the maintenance team and the Pack Line Maintenance Technician.
  • Write and send a daily production email report to the Floor, Production, and Quality Managers covering:
  • Daily production totals (e.g., how many cases of Soft Parade, how many cases of Huma, etc.).
  • Packaging Material Losses (e.g. How many low-fills, broken bottles, Cans, Case boxes, etc.).
  • Any issues encountered with the equipment and specifics of how equipment is left at the end of the day.
  • Maintenance issues, if any.
  • Safety issues, if any.
  • HR comments – positive or negative, if any.
  • Damage to equipment and products, if any.
  • Any additional information that needs to be communicated.
  • Work with the Floor Manager to create and enforce SOPs for the start-up, operation, and shutdown for every component of the packaging line.
  • Communicate with the Floor Manager to coordinate weekly production goals.
  • Contribute reports and participate in meetings regarding the packaging line.
  • Implement regimented training, cleaning, and maintenance procedures for the packaging area and equipment.
  • Depalletizer, Labeler, Filler, Packer, 6-pack erector, conveyor equipment, pumps, hoses, valves, parts, floors, walls, etc.
  • Work with the Floor, Production, and Quality Managers to maintain OSHA/MIOSHA requirements.
  • Promptly report all personnel incidents to HR and the Floor Manager as soon as possible. All safety and policy issues must be reported to HR immediately. No exceptions.

Other Requirements:

  • Follow all SOPs and safety protocols.
  • Able to operate a forklift and physically able to load and unload trucks.
  • Complete and pass a Forklift Operator Evaluation exam.
  • Make observations of efficiencies and inefficiencies.
  • Make recommendations for equipment and processes with formal reports or an email.
  • Contribute to improvements and processes required to gain efficiency and quality assurance in the packaging department.
  • Contribute to packaging department evolution.
  • Participate in the cleaning of the packaging areas and the washing of equipment, floors, and tools, to comply with company and government sanitation standards.
  • Complete special projects assigned by supervisors.
  • Participate in general cleaning of the break room, bathrooms, and offices.
  • Remain calm, flexible, and able to work through setbacks and emergencies.
  • Able to work through the pressures of simultaneously coordinating a wide range of activities. The job can become hectic if machinery breaks down or packaging supplies are not staged or prepared correctly or fast enough.
  • Experienced in simultaneously coordinating a wide range of activities in a hectic and fast-paced work environment.
  • Ability to know when to ask for help from the Packaging Manager or Production Manager if help is needed to prevent mistakes and ultimately get the job done.
  • Able to work through challenges by setting a professional and upbeat example.
  • Consistently read and write orders and draft emails. Ability to complete forms. 
  • Communicate clearly with co-workers and managers, verbally and written.
  • Frequent problem-solving.
  • Covid Vaccination strongly preferred

Physical Requirements:

  • Consistently lift and carry 35 pounds and occasionally lift and carry 70 pounds to chest height.
  • Frequent bending, stooping, pushing, lifting, kneeling, and reaching.
  • Must be able to stand for the entire shift, up to ten hours.
  • Consistently able to use repetitive hand and wrist motions.
  • Work with hot, cold, and hazardous equipment and materials.
  • Able to work in hot, cold, and wet environments and able to handle frequent changes in these environments.
  • Climb stairs several times a day.
  • Frequent washing of hands.

If you are ready for a fun work environment with great pay and benefits, a 401K match, and you earn two free beers every time you work, apply at Short's Brewing Company now!

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