Hi! My name is David Morgan and I am one of the owners of BreweryJobs.com. I am a Corporate Recruiter by profession. I also have about 15 years of experience helping people prepare a resume, improve their LinkedIn profiles, and explain what should and possibly what should not be done in a job search. You can review my LinkedIn profile here.

Just to be clear, I have basically walked through how I go about writing a resume in THIS Blog post.

Please read that first. If, after looking that over, you still feel that you need resume preparation assistance, I'll be glad to work with you to craft your resume, improve your LinkedIn profile and work with you while you seek that next job opportunity.

There are THOUSANDS of resume writers out there. Here are the things that I feel make me a better selection for you.

A lot of resume writers will send you a list of questions for you to answer. Then they take those answers and rewrite your resume. You've heard the term Garbage In / Garbage Out..........I will work one on one with you over a series of video calls to dig into your experience and pull more information from you. I won't merely re-word your resume, I will write it from scratch.

My background is different from most resume writers. If you look, a lot of them are either writers, or English majors. That is excellent if you need a paper written, but a resume isn't a paper for class. It is a different animal.

So WHOEVER you choose, if they aren't probing and digging to gather more information from you, then they are only tidying up your resume. Because I am a Recruiter, I know what other Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a resume and since I have searched for various roles over the years, I know how to articulate the types of experiences are most relevant important.

My services are reasonable. I charge a flat fee of $175. You can find resume writers that charge upwards of $500.

If you choose to work with me, I will do the absolute best job I can on your resume AND I will be available to you for any questions or concerns until you land the job.

My schedule is busy. I have a regular job, run this website, and am offering to help with your resume if necessary. I work by appointment, and am available evenings from 7 to 9 pm CST and am flexible to work on Saturdays and Sundays if needed.

So, if you still feel that you need the additional help I can provide, contact me at hello@breweryjobs.com and use "Resume Assistance" as your subject.